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Concord Center Dental ©

Concord Center Dental ©


Robert Farago, CDT.

Our Dental Technician

Director of Dental Technology

Bob is a Certified Dental Technician. Over 50 years, Bob has achieved the highest level of expertise in dental technology along with an unmatched clinical comprehension of dental prosthetic principals from his previous experience working in renowned prosthodontic offices restorative practices across the United States. Working in the clinic enabled Bob to gain a unique exceptional insight on the dynamics of an effective working relationship between a skilled dentist and skilled technician.

Bob’s focus has always been to produce a consistent product of extremely high quality and repeatability. Bob continues to spend each day working on the craft he has spent nearly 50 years mastering.


At Concord Center Dental we share this same objective to produce a high quality dental prostheses, locally.


At Concord Center Dental we will never ship your dental work overseas.


The Technical Team

Bob has assembled a small group of highly-skilled CDT’s who share our passion for excellence.


The members of this elite technical team follow clearly-defined principles and systems to achieve a level of quality and consistency far above that of laboratories that follow outdated “traditional” laboratory protocols.


Worse yet, without your knowledge, many dental offices and labs export their work to overseas dental laboratories that are not certified or licensed in the United States, and therefore not under the supervision of the strict quality control measures like what we have in place.


This is especially important in the era of Covid-19 were infection control is of utmost importance.


Our Belief

At Concord Center Dental we will never ship your dental work overseas.


We have trained, and are licensed, certified, and upheld to very high standards here in the USA.


We will never ship your work to overseas dental labs that are not obligated to work to these same standards, professionalism, or shared belief in quality.

When you come to Concord Center Dental you have the opportunity to meet your technician and have a detailed smile consult with a team of professionals and ceramists to get the best possible shade and details needed for your smile. We go the extra mile!



Please see examples of our work tab to explore the options that are available to you, showing you before and after shots, and the difference we can make to your smile.

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